Celebrity’s Asia

There’s no better way to experience modern, upscale style than on a Celebrity Cruises vacation in the Far East. Explore this graceful and mystical area of the world, where bustling, contemporary cities are as prominent as mist-shrouded jungles. Where ancient temples still welcome today’s worshippers. And, the multitude of exhilarating experiences range from snorkeling among vibrant fish in turquoise waters to touring opulent, royal palaces. From plugging in to the energetic nightlife to unwinding on a pristine beach in a secluded cove.

And on board, be immersed in updated luxury with world-class accommodations with airy spaces and all the right, tasteful details. Dine in restaurants where the vibe is as appealing as the entrée in front of you. Be indulged with intuitive service that’s delivered with a keen eye for detail. And relax knowing you can do as much (or as little) as you choose.


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