Delightful Travellers Q&A

Merry Christmas and happy holidays! In this travel Q&A video, we will answer some of the most common questions related to traveling, blogging travel essentials, gear and more.


Among the questions answered, we talk about traveling as a couple, coordinating task for great blogging, challenges related to travel and problems with travel. We also try to answer which has been our favorite place to travel and finally we talked about our gear, what we forget, what we always need, our cameras, sunglasses, and others.
Finally, we talk about editing software, and we try to explain how we are able to afford traveling as we do.


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Travel video transcription:

QUESTION: Beth Jones from Youtube asks a really great question: I am planning on traveling with my boyfriend next year and we are wondering if it’s best to share the responsibilities between 2 people, so what is that you both do as in who takes the photos, who edits the photos and who does the Instagram post, etc?

Trevor: You have to split up the duties right? The way we do it; we both take the photos, for one thing, we have multiple cameras, I do the editing of the photos and the videos, but we both come out with the idea for the videos sometimes it’s just us having fun and doing whatever, but usually we try to take you guys to a cool spot get to a tourist destination, that is not normally our style but so far we have good feedback

Anna: and that been said, going back, I probably do more of the actual planning of trips, where we are going to go, booking the trips, figuring where we are going to go, etc.

Trevor: You probably run the social media side of it a little more, we both have input into that.

Anna: Commenting answering questions, blog posts.

QUESTION: Jon Baatz from Facebook, what has been your biggest challenges since starting your travels?. also were there any hurdles you were expecting that ended up being nothing.

Anna: One of the biggest challenges is figuring out where to travel to, there are so many places, we want to travel everywhere

Trevor: When we made the decision to just do carry-on packing only. and at the time, even the thought of it sounded insane. Today, we have not checked a bag in a very long time

QUESTION: JustTheCarryOn from Instagram asks which locations has been your favorite adventure so far?

Trevor: My favorite place to go to visit was Prague.

Anna: For me it was Bequia, it this tiny little island part of Saint Vincent and the Grenadines

Trevor: we also fell in love with Sevilla in Spain. that city, if you are in Spain, you can skip Barcelona and Madrid. Sevilla is awesome!

QUESTION: The Travel Hub from Instagram. What is the one thing you can never travel without and what is one thing you always seem to forget?

Trevor: I couldn’t travel without you

Anna: Ah that is so sweet!

QUESTION: what do we forget to pack?

Anna: I always forget to pack headphones

Trevor: and I forgot my wallet once.

QUESTION: From The World asks: what is the favorite hotel you have ever been to?

Anna: Our ultimate hotel was Hotel Fontanela in Siena Italy

QUESTION: What do you guys like the most about Portugal?

Trevor: The Vino Verde, we like wine, the south of Portugal, the beaches and little towns are very special.
Lisbon was our least favorite part of Portugal

QUESTION: What program do you use to edit your Instagram photos?

Trevor: We use Adobe Lightroom and photoshop a little bit

Anna: We do not edit our photos on Instagram

QUESTION: What program do you use to edit your videos?

Trevor: I started with something called Wevideo, don’t recommend that switched to iMovie, also premiere pro and Final cut pro.

QUESTION: What sunglasses do you guys wear?

These are Oakleys, clear Oakleys with reflective lenses:
and those are Ray Ban Wayfarers and they fold, super small. :

Question: What cameras do you guys use?

Trevor: We have the main one is a Canon G7X
for filming and photos in general, we have the Panasonic GF7
and the FZ70
and we use the IPhone:

QUESTION: How do you afford to travel and is this your work?

Trevor: No it’s not our job, we run our own company.



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