Language: French Phrases

Learn a few useful French words and phrases with Maaike, your Viking River Cruises tutor. À votre santé! For information on cruising to France with Viking please visit us at

New: United Airlines Polaris Business Class

Here’s what to expect with the new United Polaris Business Class when experienced on the airline’s “old” planes (which is the majority of the fleet). New to Polaris are: -Welcome aboard drink & chocolate (champagne served in unique plastic flute) -Sacks Fifth Avenue linens and bedding -Wine Flights — both white and red upon request…

Keep on discovering with MSC Cruises

Rediscover a world of experiences and emotions in a totally new way. Find out more about our ships and our itineraries at

MSC Cruises Young Club and Teens Club

MSC Cruises is pleased to host two dedicated clubs onboard for young adults. The Young Club caters for 12-14 year olds, with special lounges, interactive gaming and dance contests, whilst the Teens Club caters for 13-17 year olds with Radio MSC Generation, sports and videogame tournaments, karaoke and live events. Flexible hours and tailored activities…

Lorena’s Moment

Lorena knows firsthand the transformational effect travelling with Princess has on guests. As one of our dedicated and passionate Shore Excursion Managers, Lorena gets to know each guest before making the perfect recommendation. She tells us, “when I know guests are taking home memories, that’s when I know they will come back new.” Connect with…

Princess Cruises Introduces Local Connections

See the world like a local. Princess Cruises, the destination leader, has partnered with a trusted team of local experts to bring you the best each region has to offer. From intriguing cultural content on board, to exclusive experiences ashore, you’ll gain a richer appreciation for the places you visit. Connect with Princess:…

The first ever MSC World Cruise

Discover the wonders of the world and make your travel dreams come true with the first ever MSC World Cruise. On January 2019, step aboard MSC Magnifica to experience 119 unique days unlike any other across six continents with us. For a more complete and updated overview please visit or consult your travel agent.

MSC Cruises 2017 Summer Destinations

Plan your cruise to the Mediterranean, Northern Europe, Cuba or the Caribbean. Enjoy Summer 2017 on board MSC Cruises’ ships. Discover your local website and find out more about our Summer deals at