MSC and LEGO – the LEGO experience on board

MSC is collaborating with the Lego Group to create a unique play experience for children and young travellers. From a special new kids programme and a new LEGO corner shop, to a special certificate of LEGO MASTER BUILDER, playtime is evolving on board. Meet the official mascot in our two unique LEGO play areas at…

MSC for UNICEF – Get on Board for children

MSC Cruises is partnering UNICEF in the Relief Programme for Malnourished Children. In the past four years MSC Cruises has already raised more than 3 million euros for this project. It takes a little to save these children’s lives: just the donation of €1 made by many of our generous guests at the end of…

MSC Armonia auf Kurs zu den Kanaren

Ein ganzjährig mildes Klima und eine subtropische, immergrüne Pflanzenwelt erwartet Sie auf den Kanaren. Las Palmas ist laut UNESCO eine der drei schönsten Inseln weltweit. Unsere Kanarenkreuzfahrten führen Sie außerdem auf die Blumeninsel Madeira oder in die marokkanischen Häfen Casablanca und Agadir!

I Can Believe – MSC for UNICEF

MSC Cruises and UNICEF, the United Nations Children’s Fund, acting for the protection of children’s rights, have launched a new song performed by an Italian children’s choir called “I Can Believe – MSC for UNICEF”, to provide a soundtrack to all UNICEF awareness raising efforts on board MSC Cruises ships. This video teaser launches a…

MSC Cruises and Cirque Du Soleil

MSC Cruises is proud to announce its partnership with Cirque du Soleil starting in 2017 on board MSC Meraviglia.

MSC Cruises Commercial – “In the Summertime”

In the summertime, when the weather is fine You can stretch right up and touch the sky When it’s vacation time, You got MSC Cruises on your mind Have a drink, relax, you’re going to have a good time! Sail along with us at MSC See a fabulous show and be happy! Dah dah dah-dah…

The best of Eastern Mediterranean with MSC Sinfonia

A two-minute tour to discover the Eastern Mediterranean on the itinerary of MSC Sinfonia. Italy, Greece, and Istanbul. As you travel from pretty ports and beautiful beaches via magnificent islands, you will discover the secret gems of the Mediterranean.

MSC Cruises presents MSC Seaside

MSC Cruises presents a futuristic vision with a new contemporary cruise ship design to extend the existing fleet. MSC Seaside is designed to follow the sun, making the most of the outdoor travelling experience in a luxurious setting.

Seaside and Vista Projects Preview ~ MSC Cruises ~ New Cruise Ships

MSC Cruises has an unprecedented 7 new cruise ships currently on order – 3 dubbed Seaside Project and 4 dubbed Vista Project. Watch in this video as the cruise line previews both with renderings and a list of features to expect as the vessels launch between 2017 and 2022. ~ Visit Our Website: