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Enjoy a video of our cruise extension offerings. For guests who have booked a cruise but have not yet departed. Karine Hagen of Viking River Cruises is your host.

The 100 day countdown to MSC Meraviglia has begun

MSC Meraviglia is now only 100 days away! See the ship come to life with this latest construction video, including a sneak peak of the unique Mediterranean-style promenade and the first tests of the longest LED Sky Screen at sea.

Discover the Panama Canal by Drone | Princess Cruises Video

Get a drone’s-eye-view of the world’s greatest shortcut. This epic waterway shaped the course of history by linking the world’s two mightiest oceans — an engineering feat that, even 100 years later, remains so breathtaking and monumental that it was named a Cruise World Wonder by Condé Nast Traveler. Learn more about cruising the Panama…

Keep on discovering with MSC Cruises

Rediscover a world of experiences and emotions in a totally new way. Find out more about our ships and our itineraries at http://www.msccruises.com/

Norwegian Cruise Line – Norwegian Epic Cruise Ship Tour

Experience a ship unlike any other with Norwegian Cruise Line’s newest, largest, and most innovative cruise ship ever, the Norwegian Epic. Voted the “Best Cruise Ship” by Travel Weekly in 2011, the NCL Epic is the ship of choice for travellers sailing to the Caribbean and Europe. Enjoy this Norwegian Epic Cruise Ship Tour to…

Lorena’s Moment

Lorena knows firsthand the transformational effect travelling with Princess has on guests. As one of our dedicated and passionate Shore Excursion Managers, Lorena gets to know each guest before making the perfect recommendation. She tells us, “when I know guests are taking home memories, that’s when I know they will come back new.” Connect with…

Sailing in 2018, Meet Carnival Cruise Line’s Newest Ship – Carnival Horizon

For a closer look into Carnival’s Horizon, visit https://www.carnival.com/cruise-ships/carnival-horizon and subscribe for the latest updates across the fleet. Carnival’s second Vista-class ship is scheduled to set sail early 2018 – and it’s upping its game. The new 133,500-ton vessel will offer the spectacular features delighting guests today — from SkyRide to Havana Bar to IMAX…

The best of MSC Preziosa

Enjoy the marvelous images of MSC Preziosa, our precious new flagship, created so can you savor the pleasures of the Mediterranean spirit on unforgettable voyages of exploration all over the world.

Inside Access Ship Tour

Get an insider’s perspective as we take you behind-the-scenes of our ship’s onboard operations. Get exclusive access to seldom-seen “crew only” areas where you’ll learn about the complex processes that keep our ships running smoothly. Join us on the Inside Access tour as we pull back the curtain and bring your award-winning Celebrity experience to…

Norwegian Cruises

The skin­ny: Nor­we­gian Cruise Line rein­vent­ed its on­board con­tem­po­rary voyage ex­pe­ri­ence a lit­tle over 10 years prior with the in­tro­duc­tion of “Free-form” cruis­ing, giv­ing pas­sen­gers on its mega­ships the op­por­tu­ni­ty to do what they need on­board, when they need it — notwithstanding to din­ing. The suc­cess of the pro­gram drove a ton of oth­er lines…